How to Join Pak Army: All induction routes and Jobs

Pakistan Army is the proud of the nation. Every student and youth dreams of joining Pakistan Army to protect the motherland. But most of them only aim at Commissioned officer’s job, that is too after Intermediate. But to their surprise Pakistan Army has many induction routes and if you missed a chance of getting in after Intermediate, you can still join Pakistan Army though different routs.

There are following four routes to join Pakistan Army:

  1. Commissioned Officer
  2. Short Service Commission
  3. Join Army as a Soldier
  4. Non-Commissioned

Regular Commission or Commissioned officer

Those inducted through Regular Commission are referred as Commissioned officers and they are appointed as Lieutenant or Captain. Candidates can apply after intermediate. Regular Commission again has 4 categories.

Those who join for the battlefield and pure armed forces services go through PMA Long Course. While there are other who provide support services to those engaged in the battlefield i.e. Engineering services, medical services, these enter through Technical Cadet core.

There are following four Categories in Regular Commission:

  1. PMA Long Course
  2. Technical Cadet Course
  3. Army Medical Cadet Course
  4. Armed Forces Nursing Services
  • PMA Long Course

Intermediate or Graduation students and serving soldiers are eligible to apply. The selection for famous PMA Long course includes initial tests, physical test, and then ISSB test. Those selected through ISSB start their training at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul.

  • Technical Cadet Course

Those having FSc Pre-engineering or ICS with Physics can apply for Technical Cadet Course. Candidates are selected through ISSB. Selected candidates are sent to Army Colleges to complete four years engineering degree in Electrical, Civil, Computer, Software, Mechanical, Telecom, Mechatronics or Aeronautical Engineering. Complete study is sponsored by Army and a monthly stipend is also offered to the cadets. One Year Military Training is provided at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, after the completion of four years Engineering Degree.

  • AM Cadet Course

Army Medical Cadet Course is for the students of FSc Pre-Medical. Students can join Pakistan Army as a Medical Doctor. Complete study is sponsored by Army and a monthly stipend is also offered to the cadets. Selected candidates study MBBS or BDS at Army Medical Rawalpindi and join Pak Army as a Captain after the completion of their degree. 22 Weeks military training is also provided after the completion of the degree.

  • AFNS

Armed Forces Nursing Services are open to Pre-Medical students and Registered Nurses. Selected candidates study BSc Nursing for four years at different Armed Forces colleges. 4 Weeks basic Military Training is also offered after the completion of the degree.


Short service Regular Commission is for Medical Professionals. Those who have completed MBBS, BDS and higher medical specialized degrees can apply.

  • GDMOs

MBBS Degree holders can apply for General Duty Medical Officer Rank.


Specialized medical practitioners i.e. FSCPS, MCPS or equivalent degree holders can apply.


Direct Short Service Commission is for all those who provide support services provided to the officers, soldiers and their family members. Following is the list of entry routes through director Short Service Commission:

  • Army Education Corps
  • Ordnance


  • Army Education Corps

MSc degree holders in specific fields ie  can apply for the post of teachers in  schools, colleges and educational institutes run by Armed Forces.

  • Ordnance Corpse

BE or BSc Textile / Leather Technology or Plastic / Wood Technology degree holders can apply for Corpse of Ordannce.


Induction Stopped for Time Being: Post graduation (16 yrs Degree as regular student) with minimum CGPA-3 out of 4 or minimum 65% Marks in annual system can apply.


MA/MSc degree holders in General Psychology or Clinical Psychology can apply for Psychologists jobs.

  • RV&FC

DVM or equivalent degree Registered with PVMC can apply for Corps of Remount Veterinary and Farms Officer (RV&FC)


Corps of Signals is for those having bachelor / masters degrees in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, MS-IT, BS-IT, BS GIS, MS GIS or Masters in Information Security.


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