Career in Industrial Engineering in Pakistan Scope and Jobs

Industrial Engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design and efficient and smooth operation of industrial processes. Industrial Engineers design processes and plants that save time, money, efficiency and security of the workers.

What do Industrial Engineers do?

  • Review and re-design the production activities and schedules to maximize efficiency and reduce time and cost
  • Figure out how to manufacture parts or products, or deliver services, with maximum efficiency
  • Enact quality control procedures to resolve production problems or minimize costs
  • Design control systems to coordinate activities and production planning in order to ensure that products meet quality standards

Scope of Industrial Engineering in Pakistan

Industrial Engineers’ scope is very high as they are in virtually every industry today. Chemical industries, Manufacturing, technology, hardware and healthcare, every factory or industry has jobs for industrial engineers. As these all are big companies and industries, these pay high salary packages to the industrial engineers.

Job Market of Industrial Engineering :

  • Transportation manufacturing industry
  • Professional, scientific and technical services
  • Computer and electronic product manufacturing
  • Machinery manufacturing industry
  • Fabricated metal product manufacturing industry

Related Fields of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering has many related fields, so if you cannot get admission in Industrial Engineering or don’t find a university offering this program near you, the followings are good options for you

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Electronics Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

Top Universities for Environmental Engineering

  1. University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore
  2. NED UET, Karachi
  3. University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila
  4. Mehran UET, Jamshoro
  5. University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar




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