Status of B.Tech degree in Pakistan: Job and what can they study further

Bachelor of Technology, B-Tech(hons) is the four year degree program offered at universities for engineering technicians jobs. B.Tech is considered as skill-oriented course. It covers the technical aspects and practical application of engineering principals. Mostly jobs are available in the production area, i.e. Factories, construction sites, extraction sites etc…

Another parallel degree program BS Technology is now being offered, which a revised form of B.Tech. Syllabus is revised, with more emphasis on practicals and internship is also added. Hence for fresh students, it would be wise to choose BS Technology program.

Students from DAE can Apply to BTEch degree, while for BS Technology program, both DAE and FSC Students can apply.

Difference between Engineering and technology


Engineering involves mostly theoretical aspects, research and development and design phases during the development process.


It involves mainly the production process, the hands on knowledge and practice to produce something

Where can B.Tech Degree Holders Apply for Job

All those areas which require evaluation and checking of materials and products, construction, production, manufacturing, quality control can be a field for technology graduates.

Federal Public Service Commission considers B.Tech degree holders eligible for Grade-16 jobs.

What degrees Can B.Tech degree holders can apply for

  • B.Tech Hons 16 years of Education
  • They can apply to BSc Engineering  (1-2 years of exemption)
  • Can also Apply to M.Tech programs (only a few universities are offering)
  • Are eligible to apply for MA/MSc programs. (only a few universities offer admission, HEC has allowed)
  • They can also Apply for MBA Programs


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